Liza & Ose - Vista West Ranch 11/7/2010

So it has been along anticipated event for me. Liza first contacted me nearly a year ago and since then we did an engagement session as well as a bridal session. When she first told me that the wedding was going to be held in a barn I was really excited for the opportunity to shoot in such a location. Not to many barns in the Los Angeles area where I’m from and since I’ve moved to Houston this was my first. I was super stoked about the venue, Vista West Ranch, even though it’s a little challenging to find using my Driods GPS. The wedding was beautiful as were the bride and groom and the emotions really flowed as they two exchanged the vows they had written themselves. (You didn’t see any notes though, they were memorized!)  I have to admit my favorite part was the first dance. It started off as a traditional slow dance, but then the dance changed into a funky/funny jiration of body parts and finished up paying homage to Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”. Which was perfectly choreographed and even now I have blasting on iTunes. One of the funnest events this year!                                                                                                

   - Congratulations Liza & Ose!!!

001Houston Wedding Photographer_0353.jpg 002Houston Wedding Photographer_3307.jpg 003Houston Wedding Photographers_0356.jpg 004Houston Wedding Photographer_3122.jpg 005Houston Wedding Photographers_3294.jpg 006Houston Wedding Photographers_0429.jpg 007Houston Wedding Photographer_0317.jpg 008Houston Wedding Photographers_0413.jpg 009Houston Wedding Photographers_0382.jpg 010Houston Wedding Photographer_0488.jpg 011Houston Wedding Photographers_0365.jpg 012Houston Wedding Photographers_0360.jpg 013Houston Wedding Photographers_3279.jpg 014Houston Wedding Photographer_3312.jpg 015Houston Wedding Photographers_3336.jpg 016Houston Wedding Photographer_3322.jpg 017Houston Wedding Photographers_3341.jpg 018Houston Wedding Photographer_3293.jpg 019Houston Wedding Photographers_0397.jpg 020Houston Wedding Photographers_0393.jpg 021Houston Wedding Photographers_3300.jpg 022Houston Wedding Photographer_3403.jpg 023Houston Wedding Photographer_3464.jpg 024Houston Wedding Photographer_3480.jpg 025Houston Wedding Photographers_0512.jpg 026Houston Wedding Photographer_3447.jpg 027Houston Wedding Photographer_3457.jpg 028Houston Wedding Photographers_3540.jpg 029Houston Wedding Photographers_3379.jpg 030Houston Wedding Photographer_0609.jpg 031Houston Wedding Photographers_3506.jpg 032Houston Wedding Photographer_0612.jpg 033Houston Wedding Photographers_0544.jpg 034Houston Wedding Photographer_3417.jpg 035Houston Wedding Photographers_0557.jpg 036Houston Wedding Photographers_0585.jpg 037Houston Wedding Photographer_0591.jpg 038Houston Wedding Photographers_0631.jpg 039Houston Wedding Photographer_0654.jpg 040Houston Wedding Photographers_3516.jpg 041Houston Wedding Photographers_0607.jpg 042Houston Wedding Photographers_0561.jpg 043Houston Wedding Photographers_0537.jpg 044Houston Wedding Photographers_3532.jpg 045Houston Wedding Photographers_0617.jpg 046Houston Wedding Photographers_0644.jpg 047Houston Wedding Photographer_0658.jpg 048Houston Wedding Photographer_0673.jpg 049Houston Wedding Photographers_3569.jpg 050Houston Wedding Photographers_3585.jpg 051Houston Wedding Photographers_3625.jpg 052Houston Wedding Photographer_3664.jpg 053Houston Wedding Photographers_1233.jpg 054Houston Wedding Photographer_0699.jpg 055Houston Wedding Photographer_0683.jpg 056Houston Wedding Photographers_0658.jpg 057Houston Wedding Photographers_3696.jpg 058Houston Wedding Photographers_3697.jpg 059Houston Wedding Photographers_3700.jpg 060Houston Wedding Photographers_3709.jpg 061Houston Wedding Photographers_3713.jpg 062Houston Wedding Photographers_0500.jpg 063Houston Wedding Photographer_0759.jpg 064Houston Wedding Photographer_0761.jpg 065Houston Wedding Photographers_0803.jpg 066Houston Wedding Photographers_0814.jpg 067Houston Wedding Photographers_0970.jpg 068Houston Wedding Photographers_3830.jpg 069Houston Wedding Photographer_3844.jpg 070Houston Wedding Photographer_3847.jpg 071Houston Wedding Photographers_3850.jpg 072Houston Wedding Photographer_3885.jpg 073Houston Wedding Photographers_3940.jpg 074Houston Wedding Photographers_3862.jpg 075Houston Wedding Photographers_3905.jpg 076Houston Wedding Photographers_3903.jpg 077Houston Wedding Photographer_3952.jpg 078Houston Wedding Photographers_3807.jpg 079Houston Wedding Photographers_0993.jpg 080Houston Wedding Photographers_1052.jpg 081Houston Wedding Photographers_1216.jpg 082Houston Wedding Photographers_1301.jpg 083Houston Wedding Photographers_1326.jpg 084Houston Wedding Photographers_1348.jpg 085Houston Wedding Photographers_1360.jpg 086Houston Wedding Photographers_1368.jpg 087Houston Wedding Photographers_1386.jpg 088Houston Wedding Photographers_1435.jpg 089Houston Wedding Photographers_1457.jpg 090Houston Wedding Photographers_1493.jpg 091Houston Wedding Photographers_1530.jpg 092Houston Wedding Photographers_1541.jpg 093Houston Wedding Photographers_3973.jpg 094Houston Wedding Photographers_3994.jpg 095Houston Wedding Photographers_3997.jpg 096Houston Wedding Photographers_4059.jpg 097Houston Wedding Photographer_4104.jpg 098Houston Wedding Photographers_4078.jpg 099Houston Wedding Photographers_4092.jpg 100Houston Wedding Photographers_4119.jpg 101Houston Wedding Photographers_4164.jpg 102Houston Wedding Photographers_4202.jpg 103Houston Wedding Photographers_4318.jpg 104Houston Wedding Photographer_1426.jpg 106Houston Wedding Photographer_0888.jpg 107Houston Wedding Photographers_3692.jpg

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The Photographic works of Houston Wedding Photographer Scott Villalobos/ Owner RSVP Studios. Scott is a member of the Professional Photographers of America as well as the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston. His style is a fusion of Photo-Journalism, Candid, and Dramatic